6 key markets


Leader in machining and global management of sub-assemblies

  • Precision machining (SMOP) with significant robotic capacity.
  • Work with on all materials including hard metals (titanium, Inconel, etc.).
  • Production of a wide variety of parts (connectors, secondary-operation machining of foundry components, structural parts, seat parts, high precision parts, very large parts).
  • Global services including parts manufacturing.
  • Management of finishing and treatment works.
  • Mounting and assembly of sub-assemblies.


Your partner for technical projects

  • Design and manufacture of technical steel containers with suspension and handling systems, intended for the packaging of aircraft engine modules and engines.
  • Design and manufacturing of test benches, workshop equipment, assembly jigs and lifting equipment.
  • Production of composite containers intended to protect high-value equipment.
  • Studies and/or production of specific goods.


Study, manufacture and assembly of equipment

  • Manufacturing and assembly of components used in the analysis of oil and gas exploration.
  • Fabrication of tooling and inspection equipment.
  • Lifting and handling equipment.


Custom made equipment and associated components for rolling stock and marine equipment

  • Mechanical parts, sheetmetal, metalwork, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  • Lifting equipment.
  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts for assembly lines.
  • Design and manufacturing of crimping machines including parts for electrical wiring.
  • Sheetmetal parts and welding.
  • Vehicle cells and equipment
  • Coffres et équipements de véhicules.
  • Design and/or production of aluminium / stainless steel assemblies and parts for marine applications.
  • Polyester parts and complete sub-assemblies including welding and mechanical parts.
  • Marine fittings, parts and sub-assemblies.


From parts supply to complete equipment delivery

  • Design and/or production of complex equipment, manufacturing of parts and assembly management.
  • Manufacturing of machined titanium parts.
  • Refrigeration packaging.


From mould parts to special machines

  • Production of mould parts and cutting parts.
  • Design and/or manufacturing of processing equipment.
  • Design and manufacture of machines for filling, crimping, cutting, etc.