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A group of companies delivering reliable industry products powered by expertise in turnkey project management

A diverse range of business lines acting in synergy and combining traditional know-how with technological innovations.
Experienced staff and effective production units are key to constant optimization, enabling the group to maintain operational excellence and tackle high stake challenges at international level.
Business lines
With its multi-skilled and accurate know-how Valantur can be present in many fields.
The acquisition of specialized companies, each with significant skills, enables us to broaden our field of action in highly technical areas requiring advanced technologies.
Engineering design department with prototyping and testing facilities
Four modern and automated production sites for machined parts
Metal workshop
Two sites equipped with two laser cutting machines and premium welding equipment
Technical packaging
A site dedicated to the manufacturing of composite containers and a site producing special metal containers
Assembly / Integration
Two integration and assembly sites
Two sites dedicated to packaging and related services
Mastering the process
Identifying the exclusivity of the request and establishing the feasibility of the project : that allows Valantur to adopt a vertical organisation to ensure a global service.

AFAQ certification according to the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards is key recognition to our organisation which is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.


Studies and design, co-development, structural calculation notes by our multi-disciplinary team of engineer


Production and development by our project teams in collaboration with customers


Trials and tests, including associated reports


Production of mechanical parts including composites, sheet metal, metalwork, painting and finishing


Assembly of sub-assemblies and integration with specialized teams


Kitting, packaging, storage, on-site delivery and related services

Valantur is a high-tech industrial group specialised in the design and manufacturing of key components and various sub-assemblies for aerospace & defence markets.

Top Tier equipment supplier in the civil and military sector, the VALANTUR group also supports key players in the energy, automotive, medical, oil and agri-food industries.

Cutting-edge expertise
for demanding technologies


Defence & Industry


Aeronautics & Industry


Large-scale projects for major defence & security contractors

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